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Gas Technology Development (GTD)

We bring together our Research & Development capabilities, marine conversion and shipbuilding expertise to develop a suite of robust solutions that can monetise LNG in a fast and cost efficient way.



Set up in 2015, GTD focuses and augments Keppel's efforts in providing the following suite of gas solutions: gas to LNG, LNG to gas, LNG to users, LNG to power and utilise LNG as fuel.

Gas to LNG - Liquefaction solutions
Economical, safe and quick to market - our innovative offshore and onshore liquefaction solutions address the growing midstream needs of the LNG industry. It is a result of Keppel's proprietary liquefaction technology, PreNEx, and over 35 years of experience and expertise in conversion and modularisation.

LNG to Gas - Regasification and storage solutions
We have a strong track record in the conversion of Floating Storage and Regasification Units, which enables our customers to bring their gas to markets in a fast and cost effective manner, as opposed to conventional land-based terminals.

LNG to users - Transportation and bunkering solutions
We have designed a range of robust carriers ranging from 3,000m3 to 30,000m3 capacity with non-propelled or self-propelled designs that can deliver LNG along shallow water rivers, coastal areas and inter-islands.

LNG to power - Bringing power to users
Our LNG-fuelled power barges are designed with enhanced efficiency and can be installed quickly and economically.

LNG as fuel - Engine conversion
With the world embracing cleaner emissions, Keppel is well-placed to provide retrofit solutions and newbuild designs for dual-fuel (diesel/LNG) propulsion systems. 


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Gas Technology Development Pte Ltd
51 Pioneer Sector 1
Singapore 628437

Tel: +65 6558 7620
Fax: +65 6558 7621


Contact Persons:

Dr Foo Kok Seng
Executive Director