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Our proprietary rig and ship solutions are developed and refined with input from trendsetting operators and drillers. They not only deliver solid performance, but can also be easily built and efficiently deployed.

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KFELS B Class  |  KFELS Super B Class  |  KFELS Super A Class  |  KFELS N Class  |  KFELS MPSEP  |  DSS™ Series  |  DSS™ 38E  |  DSS™ 51/60HE  |  KFELS SSDT™  |  Slim Drillship  |  Ice-Class FS  |  SSAU4000NG

The Industry Workhorse - KFELS B Class

KFELS B ClassThe KFELS B Class jackup rigs are able to operate in water depths of 400 feet, drilling depth of 30,000 feet and accommodate 150 men, and are readily upgradeable to higher performance capabilities. They incorporate Keppel's advanced and fully-automated high capacity rack and pinion elevating system, and Self-Positioning Fixation System.

Designed to provide maximum uptime with reduced emissions and discharges, such rigs are also known to be highly efficient drilling platforms with industry-leading features for safety and environmental friendliness. The KFELS B Class design was bestowed the Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award from Institution of Engineers Singapore in 2009.

From its launch since 2000, more than 30 units are already in the market. The innovative and cost-effective KFELS B Class jackup rig has proven itself to be the trusted, reliable workhorse of the industry, consistently delivering excellent operational and safety performance in major offshore exploration and development programmes in various locations.

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Deeper Drilling Depths - KFELS Super B Class

KFELS Super B ClassThe KFELS Super B Class, an enhanced version of the standard B Class, was an innovative answer to the call for extreme drilling rigs that can operate in deeper depths and at higher temperature and pressure levels. It is one of the world's deepest drilling rigs with drilling depth of 35,000 ft. This rig's leg structure is uniquely designed to provide enhanced robustness for operations at 425 ft water depth.

Featuring a combined drilling load up to 2,700 kips, the KFELS Super B Class rig is capable of drilling deep wells both vertically and horizontally. It features an offline stand building capability to handle drill pipes efficiently and includes a cantilever that can be skidded-off by 100 ft, and a high capacity hook load of two million pounds.


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The Premium Harsh Environment Jackup - KFELS Super A Class

KFELS Super A ClassIn 2011, Keppel FELS introduced a much-anticipated enhancement to its KFELS A Class design, the ultra premium harsh environment KFELS Super A Class. This design debuts at an opportune time when the industry is looking for newer and higher performance assets, which offer improved safety and better efficiency.

Engineered to provide operators with a viable and cost-effective solution for harsh environments and cold climate areas, this robust rig is well-suited to operate in various parts of the world including the UK, Danish and Dutch sectors of the North Sea.

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New-Generation Harsh-Environment North Sea Jackup - KFELS N Class

KFELS N ClassTowering at 568 feet or about 56 storeys, the KFELS N Class rig can operate in harsh weather conditions in water depths ranging from 400-500 feet, which are 40% deeper than traditional units in benign waters, and drilling depths of 35,000 feet, 15% deeper compared to existing harsh environment jackup rigs.

The design is in full compliance with the demanding and technical challenging requirements of rigs operating in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The North Sea region is one of the world's harshest operating environments for offshore exploration and production.

The design also provides customers the flexibility of having a jackup unit that can undertake drilling and production activities concurrently. This state-of-the-art jackup drilling rig has features that readily accept process modules for production activities.

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Versatile Wind Turbine Installation Solution - KFELS MPSEP

KFELS MPSEP The KFELS multi-purpose self-elevating platform (MPSEP) is a cutting-edge wind turbine installation vessel that can withstand harsh offshore environmental conditions all year round in water depth of 65 metres in the North Sea.

Compared with existing wind turbine installation vessels, and the majority of those being constructed, this vessel can operate in some 45%-deeper waters, while reducing downtime even in extreme storm conditions, thus providing a potentially longer operational window.

In addition to being well-suited for servicing offshore wind farms, it also meets all the stringent operating regulations of the offshore oil & gas industry and can support a wide range of related activities such as accommodation, well intervention, maintenance, construction and decommissioning.

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Advanced Deepwater Technology - DSS™ Series of Semisubmersibles

Advanced Deepwater Technology Designed for maximum uptime with reduced emissions and discharges, the DSS™ Series of semisubmersibles is among the world's most technically advanced deepwater drilling rigs. These rigs can operate at a water depth of 3,000 metres (10,000 feet) and are suited to drill deep and complicated wells of 10,000 metres (30,000 feet).

Rigs in the Series also have distinct ‘double-skin' columns, which protect the critical equipment within from damage by external impact. This greatly reduces rig downtime in the case of hurricanes or strong climatic pressures out at sea. The layout of the engine rooms has also been designed to minimise the potential of both being shut down at the same time in an emergency.

With their robust features, DSS™ rigs are well-suited to operate in the deepwater golden triangle comprising offshore Brazil, West Africa and Gulf of Mexico, and may be further customised to meet the unique challenges of each location.

These well-established DSS™ Series of semisubmersibles are jointly designed by Deepwater Technology Group (DTG) and GustoMSC.

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Advanced Deepwater Rig - DSS™ 38E

DSSTM 38EAdvancing Keppel's innovative suite of deepwater solutions, the DSSTM 38E is an enhancement of the DSSTM 38. It is rated to drill to depths of 10,000 metres below the rotary table in 3,000 metres water depth.

The DSSTM 38E has accommodation facilities to house a crew of up to 160 men. It has both vertical and horizontal riser storage. The vessel is also designed to keep position via eight azimuthing thrusters and the configuration complies with the American Bureau of Shipping's Dynamic Position System (DPS-3) requirements.

Designed to maximize uptime with reduced emissions and discharges, the DSSTM 38 rig is well-suited to handle the operational requirements in the deepwater "Golden Triangle" region, which comprises Brazil, Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Deepwater Solutions for Harsh Environment Drilling - DSS™ 51/60HE

DSSTM 51/60HEKeppel FELS has developed the sixth generation semisubmersibles capable of working in the harsh environments of the North Sea deepwater region.

The high-specification DSSTM 51HE and DSSTM 60HE semis are among the world's most advanced drilling semis. Equipped with DP 3 capabilities, they have winterized features such as derrick cladding and machinery space heating.

Based on Keppel Deepwater Technology Group and GustoMSC's proven DSS series of designs, the rigs are capable of operating in water depths of up to 7,500 feet and drill up to 40,000 feet.

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Breakthrough Deepwater Concept - KFELS SSDT™

Conventional drilling tenders can only be deployed next to fixed platforms, most of which are located in shallow waters. The purpose-built KFELS SSDT™ (semisubmersible drilling tender) has revolutionalised the way in which drilling tenders operate, allowing them to be deployed next to deepwater floating platforms for the first time.

KFELS SSDTThe KFELS SSDT™'s superior hull form provides excellent motion characteristics which makes it possible for two massive floating platforms to work in close proximity of each other without the risk of a major collision. As opposed to traditional tender barges, the KFELS SSDT™ also features superior mooring capabilities and reliable station-keeping for better control.

The KFELS SSDT™ also contributes significantly to environmental protection, as well as the safety and well-being of operators.

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Lightweight, safe and versatile solution to drilling operations - Slim Drillship

Slim DrillshipA product of close collaboration with Keppel FELS and Stena Drilling, Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre's (KOMtech) slim drillship design is an optimal solution for overcoming challenges in deepwater subsea wellhead intervention operations.

KOMtech's slim drillship design is engineered to economically and effectively perform such well maintenance, intervention and light drilling operations. Equipped with dynamic positioning capabilities and utilising a high pressure riser, the slim drillship is capable of drilling and well intervention work in a maximum well depth of 22,500 feet below rotary table in water depths no deeper than 7,500 feet.

This drillship design offers distinct advantages against traditional drillships through application of slim hole drilling technologies to enable the drilling of slim exploration and development subsea wells and well interventions, which currently are only in use on land rigs or jackups and fixed production platforms offshore.

At 145 metres long, it is a fraction of the average size of a high performance deepwater drillship used in worldwide exploration and is optimised for drilling clusters of subsea wells.

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Ice-Class Floating Storage And Offloading Solution - MTD 13028 FSO-IC

Delivered to LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft on time and within budget, Yuri Korchagin became the first ice-class Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessel to be completed and deployed in the Caspian region.

MTD 13028 FSO-IC The FSO is able to withstand ice conditions of minus 20 degrees Celsius and cut through ice as thick as 0.6 metres. The FSO is meant for uninterrupted services in receiving crude oil from a fixed ice-resistant platoform (IFP-1) through single buoy mooring system, storage of oil onboard and finally offloading of oil to shuttle tankers.

The hull of FSO Yuri Korchagin was built in two longitudinal halves by Keppel Singmarine in Singapore. These were then towed some 11,000 km and through the narrow Volga-Don river canal to Caspian Shipyard Company in Azerbaijan where the vessel was assembled and completed. The vessel's successful completion attests to our ability to manage and execute massive projects seamlessly across various locations in world.

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New Generation Accommodation Semisubmersible - SSAU4000NG

SSAU4000NGThe SSAU4000NG is a new generation accommodation semisubmersible design capable of operating alongside fixed platforms, floating platforms and Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels, with a full complement of deck cranes and fire-fighting capabilities.

It is an enhancement of the proven SSAUTM 3600 design with improved capability and operability.

Featuring the latest technology such as Dynamic Positioning 3 and enhanced station-keeping, the SSAU4000NG is meets the stringent UK Health, Safety & Environment requirements to work in the UK sector of the North Sea as well as the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and Western Australia.

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