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People & Society

As a committed and responsible corporate citizen, we actively support and seed causes spanning knowledge building and education, social development as well as environmental protection.

Worldwide, our employees are encouraged to initiate as well as participate in community activities that benefit people from all walks, so as to instill in our workforce a global mindset and concern for the wellbeing of others. As such, staff volunteerism is a key feature of our community involvement programme.

Since 2000, the Keppel Group's Keppel Volunteers has been spearheading regular activities that make meaningful contribution to local communities, social institutions and non-profit organisations. On a monthly basis, Keppel Volunteers runs activities in collaboration with our adopted charity, the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN).

Apprenticeship Scheme

Started since the 1970s, the Keppel Apprenticeship Scheme is offered across our yards worldwide to equip new recruits with strong skills in welding, piping, fabrication, marine technology and more.

To meet the changing needs of the Group and the industry, the Scheme continues to be honed and improved. Today, it offers a certified training curriculum that equips the trainees for a spectrum of trades in the offshore and marine industry.

In preparing trainees with essential skills for the industry, the Scheme has also helped to enhance the employment quotient of the marine workforce in our local communities, allowing them to adapt well to the job demands and challenges. Most trainees would go on to join Keppel yards upon graduation.